Wave Rider

Seal Bay Resort’s Wave Simulator

We’re making a splash like no one else!

Ride the waves on our Brand NEW Wave simulator. Run by our qualified instructors you can bodyboard or skim board the waves all within the backdrop of beautiful West Sands beach! An experience not to be missed.

You must book to take part in the Wave Rider. Book via our app.

Riders can carve, ride, & turn on a thin flow of water in complete safety and are able to improve their skills as they enjoy graduating through the various flow settings. The new and adjustable nature of Coves Wave Rider means that riders will continue to come back and use the ride so that they can improve their skills – unlike water slides or other attractions where it is impossible to improve on the ride experience.

The Waterfront Quays

Every day during peak months.

Must be at least 1.2m tall to take part