Myths, Legends and Folklore in Cornwall


Welcome to Cornwall, a land steeped in myth, legend, and folklore! As you explore this rugged and beautiful landscape, you’ll encounter tales of giants, mermaids, and ghosts that have been passed down from generation to generation. From the windswept moors to the rocky cliffs, there’s no shortage of stories to captivate your imagination.

One of the most famous legends of Cornwall is that of King Arthur. According to the myth, Arthur was born in Tintagel Castle, perched on a windswept cliff overlooking the sea.

It’s said that the wizard Merlin helped Arthur become king, and he wielded the magical sword Excalibur in battles against his enemies. The ruins of Tintagel Castle still stand today, and visitors can walk in Arthur’s footsteps as they explore the ancient ruins.

Another popular tale from Cornwall is that of the Cornish Piskies (Pixies). These mischievous creatures are said to live in the rocky hills and moors and are known for their love of playing tricks on humans. They’re said to be no taller than a foot and have pointed ears and noses, and they love to cause chaos by stealing items from people and hiding them in unusual places.

Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

But Cornwall isn’t just home to mythical creatures – it’s also the site of some of England’s most haunting ghost stories. The village of Zennor, for example, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a mermaid who fell in love with a local man. Legend has it that the mermaid would sing to him from the rocks above the sea and that he became so enamoured with her that he followed the mermaid into the water and was never seen again.

Elsewhere, The Jamaica Inn, located on Bodmin Moor, is said to be one of England’s most haunted inns, with visitors having reported seeing ghostly apparitions, hearing mysterious footsteps, and feeling an eerie presence in their rooms.

Wheal Coates mine in Cornwall

Of course, not all of Cornwall’s legends are fantastical. The region is also known for its rich mining history, and the stories of the miners who toiled in the mines for hours on end are just as fascinating as any myth or legend. Visitors can explore the remains of the mines and learn about the harsh working conditions and the day-to-day struggles of the miners who worked there.

Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of myth and legend, or just looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, Cornwall has something to offer, and our luxury resort Gwel an Mor provides a perfect base for exploring.

So why not plan a visit and immerse yourself in this enchanting region’s rich history and folklore? Who knows what tales you’ll uncover as you explore this captivating land!