Explore the Hidden Gems of the Scottish Borders with Springwood Holiday Park

Eildon Hills in the Scottish Borders, Scotland

Welcome to the breathtaking Scottish Borders, a region that combines stunning landscapes, rich history, and a touch of enchantment. Springwood Holiday Park is nestled amidst this picturesque setting and is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. In this blog, we’ll be your virtual tour guide as we explore the best things to do in the Scottish Borders while highlighting Springwood’s fantastic offerings. So, pack your sense of adventure and let’s get started!

Delve into History at Historic Abbeys

Immerse yourself in the region’s captivating history by visiting the historic abbeys that dot the Scottish Borders. Jedburgh Abbey (pictured below), Melrose Abbey, and Dryburgh Abbey are architectural marvels that transport you to bygone eras. Marvel at their grandeur, learn about their fascinating stories and stroll through the picturesque grounds that exude an air of tranquillity.

Ruins of Jedburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders region in Scotland
Jedburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders.

Uncover the Mysteries of Castles

The Scottish Borders boasts a remarkable array of castles, each with its own tale to tell. Explore the magnificent Floors Castle, the largest inhabited castle in Scotland, where you can wander through stunning gardens and enjoy panoramic views. For a touch of legend and lore, make your way to Hermitage Castle, known for its eerie atmosphere and intriguing history.

Floors Castle, Kelso, Scottish Borders.

Wander through Quaint Border Towns

Experience the charm of the Scottish Borders’ quaint towns, where history and tradition blend seamlessly with modern delights. Explore the cobbled streets of Peebles, indulge in shopping and delicious local cuisine in Kelso, or take a leisurely stroll along the River Tweed in charming Melrose. Each town has its unique character, inviting you to soak in the warmth of Scottish hospitality.

Kelso Town Centre
Kelso offers a fantastic range of local cuisine to enjoy, along with independent artisan shops and a wealth of history around every corner.

Embrace Nature’s Majesty

The Scottish Borders is a paradise for nature lovers, with its rolling hills, tranquil rivers, and lush woodlands. Discover the Eildon Hills, a trio of distinctive peaks that offer breathtaking views over the Borders countryside. Lose yourself in the enchanting beauty of Dawyck Botanic Garden, home to an impressive collection of rare and exotic plants. And don’t forget to visit the serene St. Mary’s Loch, where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic or try your hand at fishing.

St. Mary’s Loch is a perfect place to take a seat, relax, and relish a picnic while admiring its tranquil setting.

Journey through Literary History

The Scottish Borders has inspired some of the world’s greatest writers, including Sir Walter Scott. Visit Abbotsford, Scott’s former residence, and step into the world of this literary genius. Admire the unique architecture, explore the expansive library, and gain insight into the life and works of one of Scotland’s most beloved authors.

abbotsford house scottish borders scotland
Abbotsford, Scottish Borders. The home of Scottish writer, historian, and politician, Sir Walter Scott.

Springwood Holiday Park: Your Gateway to Adventure

Nestled within the Scottish Borders, our riverside park, Springwood, offers the perfect base for your exploration. Set amidst idyllic surroundings, this family-friendly park offers a range of brand-new self-catering accommodations, and in 2023 we completed our multi-million-pound investment into our facilities. Enjoy revamped and improved amenities, including a new café, expansive decking, private firepits, and hot tubs for pure relaxation, and your little ones can explore our outdoor playground.

With Springwood as your home away from home, you’ll have easy access to all the wonders the Scottish Borders has to offer.

The Scottish Borders beckons with its captivating blend of history, nature, and charm. From ancient abbeys and majestic castles to quaint towns and awe-inspiring landscapes, this region is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. And with Springwood Holiday Park as your base, you’ll have the perfect retreat to relax and recharge after each exciting day of exploration. So, pack your bags, put on your explorer’s hat, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Scottish Borders!