We can confirm that Bunn Leisure will change its name to
Seal Bay Resort formerly Bunn Leisure from January 2022.

There will be no changes to the Park and we remain committed to providing a first class resort experience for everyone.

Why Seal Bay Resort?

The new Seal Bay Resort name came about from the following reasons…


Selsey comes from the Saxon name Seals-ey, which can be interpreted as the Isle of Sea Calves (better known as Isle of Seals). It was first mentioned in the Doomsday book as Selesie so has a real historical legacy.


Cove UK is on a mission to protect the local environment. By linking with marine, ecological, and sea animal partners, we will be focused on beach cleans, educational workshops, and more environmental activities through the Go Cove programme. Seals can be found within the waters between Selsey, Chichester, and the Isle of Wight. We want to protect and showcase them.

Local Community:

In Selsey itself, there are multiple references to Seals. Seal Road, Seal Pub, Seal Academy to name a few. There are also multiple Seal art installations and plans for more. We wanted a new name to reflect and retain the fun family values that Bunn Leisure encapsulated. Seal Bay Resort has a welcoming feel and also represents the local area.


Our entertainment programmes for children will be all about looking after the world we live in. We know that the Animal Guyz are very popular and we want to continue that theme. By introducing a new Seal character into the Bunni shows we will be highlighting the issues that arise with climate change, pollution of our seas, and how important it is to protect our natural habitats and sea life.