The pricing policy for new homes sold by Kings Park Village

Turnkey Price

The Turnkey Price is the total price for the new home as presented (inclusive of VAT). The Turnkey Price consists of the Sited Home Price and the Optional Package.

Sited Home Price

The Sited Home Price is the price we charge for the supply of the home and the connection to the services.

Optional Package

The Optional Package (subject to the actual specification of the home) may include such items as:-

The fitted carpets and other floorings
The curtains and soft furnishings
The cooker
The fridge
The freezer
The washing machine
The ornaments and display props in the home
The shed
Please note: the above is not an exhaustive list of the items in any specific Optional Package.

The customer has the option to purchase or not purchase the Optional Package.

See the full home details page for further details of the specific contents in any home offered for sale.

Additional items that are charged separately as they are not included in the Turnkey Price.

Any LPG supplied any optional decking or any additional works to the plot that are specified by the purchaser.

The specific details will be set out in the Formal Offer.

Additional items that are not included in the Turnkey Price will be invoiced separately with VAT being charged at the appropriate rate where VAT is applicable.