Buying and legal services

Your guide to being in the know

Buying on park

When you buy ‘on-park’ you are given a ‘turnkey’ price. This brings together all the costs associated with the plot, the home and getting it sited there.

Your choice of home and all the associated fixtures and fittings is likely to be a major part of your investment.

The cost also includes transportation and commissioning. Your new home will need to be delivered to the park, and all the services and infrastructure commissioned. So, that when you turn the heating, or the light switch on, everything will work beautifully.

Other factors which can affect your price include the size of the plot and any outbuildings required, such as sheds, decking, landscaping and driveways, There will also be some allowances for park amenities and service provision, such as maintenance and park wardens.

Accessible Living Support

Your park home can be adapted to meet your specific accessibility, or ambulant living needs. To help with budgeting for this we apply a 5% discount to our standard retail price list. Supporting you, every step of the way, to create your unique dream retirement home.

Insuring your park home

You should insure your valuable park home, usually from the date of exchange. Park home insurance is for all the usual domestic home insurance risks such as theft, fire, flood and storm damage. You may also want to consider a ‘new for old’ level of cover, for if the worst happens.

Unfortunately, we are not regulated by and have no authorisations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and therefore cannot make recommendations. However, there are specialist Park Home Insurers, which you can find online, and who will be able to give you professional advice.

Mobile Homes Act 2013

Government guidelines for park home residents in England are contained in the Mobile Homes Act 2013. Find out the latest information about your rights and obligations here.

The ‘Written Statement’

When you buy a park home you will be asked to sign the ‘Written Statement’. This document contains all the terms by which you are entitled to keep your home on the park.

We are legally required to give you a copy of the Written Statement 28 days before you commit to purchase. This gives you plenty of time to review and understand it. We can proceed more quickly, when needed, but recommend you always seek independent legal advice to make sure you are happy with the contents.

The document includes:

  • Who the agreement is between
  • The starting date
  • Details of your pitch and a plan
  • Details of your home
  • The date site planning permission expires if applicable (in most cases, there is no specified date, and you will be able to live on the park indefinitely)
  • Pitch fee details, such as the amount, when payable, what services are covered and the annual review date
  • A list of additional charges (if applicable) 

For further information on park home law, you can contact the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE); a Non-Departmental Public Body which provides free advice on the law relating to Park Homes in England